Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of any patient's care at Penn Medicine. We believe that every individual is worth the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

When you come to Penn, we focus on more than just the illness or condition that brought you here. We look at the whole you, then surround you with your own dedicated team that will work seamlessly to understand who you are, how you want to live and exactly what kind of care will best get you there.

Working together, your team of doctors, scientists and clinicians will develop a plan as unique as your fingerprint. The best minds, all working to find the treatment plan that's uniquely right for you. That's unique to Penn.


When you truly get to know a person, down to their genetic makeup, amazing things come to light. Seeing patients at the genetic level lets us harness the power of individual DNA that's at the forefront of new treatments for diseases like cancer and tissue transplantation.

But at Penn Medicine, we also look at who you are as a person, what you love to do, and how you want to live in the world. Then we surround you with a team that will connect you to advanced clinical trials, research breakthroughs and world-class physicians and scientists.

Our goal is to get you back to the very best, healthiest version of you.

Meet Megan - A Personalized Approach Made it Possible For Her to Get Back to an Active Life

Megan was a college athlete when she began to have knee pain. After several incorrect diagnoses, a biopsy revealed cancer in the lymph nodes behind the knee. When an oncologist at one of the top cancer centers in the U.S. told her amputation was her only option, Megan came to Penn. Here, her oncologist saw Megan as a whole person; as a young athlete with her whole life ahead of her. Megan's oncologist removed the tumor and a Penn surgeon reconstructed her knee. Megan returned to an active life and just completed her first 5K.

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