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Our history of patient care began more than two centuries ago with the founding of the nation's first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, in 1751 and the nation's first medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in 1765. Penn Medicine has pioneered medical frontiers with a staff comprised of innovators who have dedicated their lives to advancing medicine through excellence in education, research and patient care.

When you choose Penn Medicine, you benefit from more than two centuries of the highest standards in patient care, education and research. The caliber of comfort and individual attention you receive is unmatched by any other hospital in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Nationally Recognized

We are consistently recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in health care. The cornerstone of our reputation is our medical and support staff, who choose to dedicate their careers to serving the needs of our patients and community.

The Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania — Penn Presbyterian are proud to be ranked #13 in the nation and once again the #1 hospital in Pennsylvania by U.S. News & World Report's Honor Roll of Best Hospitals.

Providing the Community with Resources

We promote innovation and teaching excellence. We advance medical science through research and create the next generation of leaders in medicine. We're constantly working towards an even more precise and personalized practice of health care.

The results of these efforts are passed directly onto you, our patients.

Health Equity Initiative at Penn Medicine

At Penn, we strive to provide high quality and family-centered care for our patients and the community, and support an inclusive workforce and clinical learning environment for our employees.

Updated 08/21/2020

In This Section

What It Means to Be an Academic Medical Center

As the highest rated academic medical center in region, Penn Medicine has physicians, nurses, researchers and teachers all working in unison to provide you with the highest level of care.

Mission and History

Learn about the core values and mission that make Penn Medicine an exceptional academic medical center.

Quality and Patient Safety

Learn more about quality care and patient safety at Penn.

Providing Quality Care

Over the years Penn Medicine has received many prestigious awards, honors, and recognition for our commitment to providing our patients with quality clinical care.

Serving Our Community

Improving lives and health in underserved communities throughout the Philadelphia area is among our highest priorities.

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