For Nurses and Advanced Practice

Penn Medicine offers one of the most prestigious and professionally fulfilling nursing environments in the nation. At Penn, nurse leadership has a strong voice, enabling nurses to directly participate in decisions affecting their practice.

Exceptional Nurses

Nurses at Penn Medicine are dedicated to the primary mission of providing the most effective and compassionate care for patients while being committed to professional development within the workplace.

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In This Section

Why Work at Penn

Nurses at Penn have the opportunity to work in a professionally fulfilling, family-oriented nursing environment at one of the leading health care organizations in the world.

Nursing Hiring Process at Penn Medicine

The first step toward a career as a Penn Medicine nurse is to apply online.

Nursing Benefits at Penn Medicine

There are considerable rewards for working as a nurse at Penn Medicine.

Nursing Locations

Nurses at Penn Medicine find unlimited opportunity and a warm, nurturing environment at all of our unique facilities.

Clinical Specialties

There are a number of specialties in which nurses can pursue a career at Penn Medicine.

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