Cancer Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial?

Today, more and more people are surviving cancer. It is because of clinical trials, many of which are conducted at Penn Medicine, that patients are benefiting from breakthrough therapies and treatments. These new advances in cancer treatment are occurring every day, giving patients hope that even greater discoveries lie ahead.

Through clinical trials:

  • Combinations of medical, surgical and radiation therapy are improving treatment effectiveness and enhancing outcomes.
  • Diagnosing cancer has become more precise.
  • Medications are more successful.
  • Radiation and surgical techniques have advanced.
  • Strategies to address the late effects of cancer and its treatment are improving quality of life.

Clinical trials have and continue to help cancer survivors live longer and have a better quality of life. Because of research through clinical trials, scientists and cancer researchers have been able to translate discoveries into new treatments for cancer.

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Cancer Research


The Cancer Center enjoys a vibrant, well-funded research base, which continues to grow. We focus on reducing cancer incidence, mortality and morbidity in the community while training future cancer researchers and improving our ability to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

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About the Abramson Cancer Center

Penn medical oncologist talking to patient

The Abramson Cancer Center is a world leader in cancer research and education and provides innovative and compassionate care for those with cancer.

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