What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study involving patient volunteers that are conducted to find safe and effective treatments for a variety of health conditions. They are critical to the advancement of medicine and improving patient health. Participating in clinical trials offers patients the opportunity to try new and effective treatments that could potentially improve their condition while taking part in vital research that can benefit many future patients.

There are many resources for information about Penn Medicine clinical trials. Each of our research centers has a different focus:

Non-Cancer Related Clinical Trials

Penn Medicine has many research centers and educational programs that support clinical and translational research. Current trials include but are not limited to the following:

Cancer Related Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials at Abramson Cancer Center focus on helping to prevent, diagnose, detect, and treat a variety of cancers.

Clinical Trials at Basser Research Center for BRCA are focused solely on the prevention and treatment of cancers associated with the genetically inheritable BRCA mutations.

Can't Find a Clinical Trial?

Sign up to join our research volunteer registry. Based on the information you provide, we'll contact you if you appear to be eligible for a research study, when one is available.

Questions and Participation

If you have questions about clinical trials at Penn Medicine or would like to participate in one, please contact:

Office of Clinical Research
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Opting Out of Research Related Inquiries

If you request to not be contacted, we will use reasonable efforts to prevent this research-related outreach. Please note that a request to not be contacted for these types of studies will not apply to the use of your data for research purposes as described in the Notice of Privacy Practices and will not prevent your care providers from discussing research with you.

If you do not wish to be contacted for research purposes, please inform your patient service representative or contact the Penn Medicine Privacy Office in the Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy by telephone at 215-573-4492 or by e-mail at privacy@uphs.upenn.edu.

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