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Telemedicine Services During COVID-19

Penn Medicine is offering telemedicine visits for a variety of services, including coronavirus screenings, select new patient appointments and follow-up care. Telemedicine visits make it easier for you to access the care you need while also following social distancing guidelines.

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What is Telemedicine?

In today’s technology-driven world, patients increasingly expect to engage with health care providers with the same convenience as they do with other daily activities. Telemedicine programs provide that capability and convenience to patients and their families by using electronic medical devices, teleconference technology and connected biomedical devices to monitor a person's health outside of the hospital or doctor's office. There are many benefits of telemedicine programs. They transform the patient-doctor relationship and engage patients by allowing them to remotely share in the decision-making process and actively interact with their care team. Telemedicine programs help to control health care costs while providing high-quality patient care, facilitating better management of chronic conditions and reducing travel time and expense.

Telemedicine at Penn

Penn Connected Health encompasses the Center for Connected Care and telemedicine programs across Penn Medicine.

Penn is a pioneer in telemedicine having opened one of the country’s first teleICU programs over a decade ago. We are rapidly expanding our networked telemedical services, focusing on using connected care services to improve access, efficiency of care and convenience for our patients.


Telemedicine is available to select patients. Please discuss this with your provider. He or she will determine if you are eligible for a virtual visit. For more information regarding medical eligibility, insurance coverage, and any out of pocket costs, please contact your provider. Due to domestic and international health care regulations, eligibility for a virtual visit is based on your geographic location.

Please note that telemedicine is only offered by certain providers. Call your provider’s practice directly to determine if you are eligible.

Types of Telemedicine Programs at Penn

Penn Medicine offers provider to provider consults, patient to provider virtual visits, and international remote second opinions.

Penn Medicine OnDemand

Penn Medicine OnDemand provides urgent primary care services via telemedicine for patients 14 and older. We are available 24/7/365.

Telemedicine Appointments During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn Medicine is offering telemedicine visits for a variety of services, including coronavirus screenings, select new patient appointments and follow-up care.

Virtual Visit

A Virtual Visit allows you and your Penn provider to connect remotely through our secure patient portal, myPennMedicine, from the comfort of your home or office. Contact us today to determine eligibility and whether your provider participates.

Virtual Consult

A Virtual Consult is a provider to provider service that makes it easier than ever before to seek medical advice without travel. Virtual consults offer a thorough and direct pathway for consultation between a non-Penn provider and a Penn specialist.

Virtual Education Sessions

Penn Connected Health's Virtual Education Sessions make it easier to access many of our educational services — from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Support Groups

You can attend select support groups at Penn Medicine without traveling to Philadelphia. Virtual support groups provide a safe, positive space for you to meet with fellow patients with similar experiences.

Center for Connected Care

The Center for Connected Care offers telehealth homecare service for the chronically ill, a telemedicine service that links obstetricians to trauma surgeons caring for injured pregnant women, telehealth urgent care services, and the Penn E-lert eICU for the critically ill across the region in PA, NY, and Delaware.

Remote Second Opinion

Penn Connected Health offers international patients and providers access to leading specialists at Penn Medicine. Through our remote second opinion, you'll gain valuable guidance from a trusted and reputable Penn expert.

News and Resources

Penn Medicine's telemedicine program is rapidly expanding to offer patients access to expert care across many specialties. Read stories, news articles and additional patient resources about our program.
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