Melanoma is aggressive cancer that requires an expert team of specialists for the best possible care. Although melanoma most often affects the skin, the Penn Medicine melanoma team has the skills and experience to treat all melanoma cancers.

The National Cancer Institute has designated Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of only 51 in the country. You’re in expert hands with our nationally recognized experts.

Melanoma Cancer: The Penn Medicine Advantage

As part of the Abramson Cancer Center, the Tara Miller Melanoma Center offers specialized care. The latest research backs our treatments — and much of that research takes place right here at Penn.

People from across the nation come to us for our:

  • Multispecialty team of experts: Our melanoma specialists have advanced (fellowship) training and years of experience in several fields. Your care team includes medical oncologists (cancer doctors) who specialize in medical treatments for melanoma, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists and dermatologists. You’ll also work with other surgeons, doctors and providers such as dietitians and social workers. We offer care that supports the whole person — body, mind and spirit. Meet your melanoma and skin cancer team.
  • Emphasis on prevention and screening: Your team provides melanoma screening and patient education to help prevent and reduce the risks of developing melanoma. Anyone can attend our free, annual skin cancer screening and annual melanoma conference. Our specialists speak at community support groups for people with a higher risk of melanoma, such as organ transplant recipients. Learn more about melanoma risks and prevention.
  • Latest surgical techniques: We have expertise in sophisticated procedures to treat melanoma wherever it occurs. With precision Mohs surgery and other methods, we can often completely remove melanoma tumors in challenging locations throughout the body. We also offer complex surgical techniques such as isolated limb perfusion and isolated limb infusion to treat locally advanced melanomas of the arms or legs.
  • Comprehensive cancer treatments: Our medical and radiation oncologists offer all available treatments for melanoma, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, local injectable therapy and radiation therapy. We have years of experience using these treatments through our participation in research and clinical trials.
  • Access to clinical trials: Your doctors and care providers are also researchers who lead their fields in the latest melanoma breakthroughs. Our clinical trials offer access to promising new prevention methods, diagnostic tools, surgical techniques, targeted therapies and immunotherapy — many of which are available only at Penn Medicine. Learn more about our research and clinical trials at the Tara Miller Melanoma Center.

What Is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a fast-growing cancer that usually grows in the skin. It can spread quickly and become serious, but early detection and treatment can often provide a cure.

Some rarer types of melanoma have few symptoms in their early stages, making them harder to find and treat. Our highly trained team has skills and experience in recognizing signs of melanoma. Learn more about the types of melanoma:

Comprehensive Care for Melanoma

Through our compassionate approach, our melanoma care team has helped thousands of people with all types of melanoma. See our melanoma patient stories to learn more.

Whether you have a confirmed diagnosis or need an evaluation, our team is ready to help. Prepare for your visit with these questions to ask your doctor about melanoma diagnosis and treatment.

Through the Abramson Cancer Center, you and your family have access to support services. Choose options ranging from education classes to mindfulness and counseling. Find out more about patient and family support services.

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