Navigating Cancer Care

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Looking for a doctor?

Doctors at the Abramson Cancer Center treat more cancers than those at many other cancer centers, and are available to see patients at multiple locations throughout the region. You can use our Find a Doctor Tool to find a specialist that meets your needs - close to home or in the city.

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Newly Diagnosed?

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming to patients and their loved ones. The Cancer Center offers many resources for cancer patients in the Getting Started section of this website. This includes information on getting an accurate diagnosis, second opinions, preparing for visits, insurance and more.

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Learn More about Your Disease

Every patient is unique, and every disease is unique. We are structured to enable physicians, nurses and researchers to specialize in the treatment of individual diseases. Find detailed information about your type of cancer, the team that is dedicated to it and our overall approach to care.

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What is an Oncology Navigator?

Oncology Navigators improve the experience for patients and families because they are experts in navigating complex health care situations. They can help in a variety of ways including, connecting patients to the right doctors, offering clarity to care plans and referring patients and families to support services.