Penn Medicine Valley Forge

The Penn Medicine Valley Forge outpatient pharmacy is located on the first floor of the building across from the elevators. It is open Monday through Friday. For your convenience, you can see your care provider and get your prescriptions filled in the same building.

Most insurance plans are accepted. Please contact the pharmacy for further information on specific insurance plans at 610-576-7545 (Fax: 610-576-7560) or 1-844-7366-6796.

Pharmacy Hours

  • Monday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Friday: 8 am – 4:30 pm

Personalized Pharmacy Services

  • Comprehensive medication management: A private, 30-minute consultation scheduled between you and a pharmacist to review all medications.
  • Pharmacists can provide demonstrations for how to take prescribed medications.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses can have medications delivered to their next appointment at Penn Medicine Valley Forge.
  • The pharmacy can also intervene when problems with prescriptions are identified and resolve these problems with your physician or prescription plan sponsors.
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