Penn Medicine outpatient labs provide your care team with the most accurate and efficient laboratory results possible for your blood work and other testing needs in a safe environment.

Outpatient Lab Locations and Hours

We have many convenient outpatient lab locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Lab appointments are available, including same-day, through or by calling 866-912-7438. Walk-ins are also accepted.

Walk-ins Only

The outpatient lab at Pennsylvania Hospital takes walk-ins only.

Additional Outpatient Lab Locations

Please visit the following location’s websites for their hours.

Schedule an Outpatient Lab Appointment

Outpatient Lab appointments can be scheduled in advance for any of the "by appointment" or "appointment preferred" locations above by calling 866-912-7438 or by using myPennMedicine online portal.

To schedule a lab visit online, simply log on your myPennMedicine account and select:

  1. Visits from the main menu
  2. Schedule Appointment or Lab Test
  3. Lab Appointment

If you do not have a myPennMedicine account, sign up here.

Additional Outpatient Lab Appointments

We offer blood bank, transfusion medicine, and coagulation services at specialized laboratories. To learn more, please call the following phone numbers.

  • Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Services
    Apheresis Services (3 Ravdin Pavilion and 3 White in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania)
    Call 215-662-3441 or 215-662-3442
  • Coagulation Services for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
    Comprehensive Hemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratory
    Call 215-662-3447
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